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Welcome to our classroom pages! Here you will find information about your child’s classroom including daily schedules, weekly plans, classroom activities, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events.

  • Mrs. Brinkmann-PreK-3
  • Mrs. Richardson-PreK-4
  • Mrs. Oosterhouse-PreK-4
  • Miss Fritz-Kindergarten
  • Mrs. Hinze-1st Grade
  • Miss Reynhout-2nd Grade
  • Mrs. Douglas-3rd Grade
  • Mrs. Adams-4th Grade
  • Mrs. Skutt-5th Grade, Math
  • Mr. Brammer-6th Grade, Social Studies, P.E. 
  • Mr. Ferrebee-7th Grade, Bible, Literature
  • Mrs. Stirnaman-8th Grade, Language Arts
  • Mr. Hess-Technology
  • Mrs. Nelin-P.E.
  • Mrs. Raloff-Resource