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RaiseRight Fundraising Program

Reduce your fees and give as you shop, travel, and just live day to day!

What would you do with extra FREE money that you earned just by using gift cards for both everyday living and also for gift giving. Families from St. Paul’s have the opportunity to earn rebates through a program called RaiseRight (formerly called T.R.I.P.). It’s easy! You can buy gift cards at the school or through the mobile app/website at Each family will earn 2-16% rebates based on their buying habits. Your family and St. Paul’s share the credit, which avoids other fundraising where you have to sell stuff to your family and friends. Please ask our RaiseRight coordinator Julie Salzman or our school office for details on how you can sign up.

How does the mobile app work?

Go to, which is a fully secured website that allows you to place orders any time of day. You must create an account connected to St. Paul’s using our enrollment code. To get this enrollment code, please call our school office Mon.-Fri., 8am-3pm at 815-932-0312. Once we have verified your relationship with St. Paul’s (for security purposes), we will send you all the information to help you sign up for the mobile app and get the full benefit. The mobile app can be used on the go and instantly to earn rebates. An image of the electronic gift card appears with the available denominations. Add items to your “shopping cart” as you would for any other online shopping and proceed to checkout to confirm your order. We have enabled PrestoPay, which allows families to pay for their orders with a very secure automated method. They payment will be automatically debited from your bank account ($0.29 fee) so that you do not have to worry about writing checks. You may also pay with credit card (2.6% fee).

Who can participate in the program?

The program is available to everyone. Parents, grandparents, family, friends, and neighbors may participate, as long as they know someone in our school or congregation.

How is the rebate paid out?

RaiseRight credits are applied once each semester. Families will be notified through email that they have earned credits. At that time, they may determine if they want to apply it to tuition, lunch, extended care, or donate it to another family.

How do I purchase gift cards?

RaiseRight gift cards may be purchased in person after school Monday through Friday as needed in the cafeteria or on Sundays between church services. You may also download the form and turn it in at the school office with your payment by noon on Monday, and we will usually have the order for you by end of school day Friday.

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