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St. Paul’s Lutheran School is accredited by the National Lutheran School Association and has also received full recognition by the State of Illinois; the highest possible ranking for nonpublic schools in the state. Accreditation and recognition guarantee St. Paul’s programs have been organized according to basic standards, and our graduating students may readily transfer their academic credits to any high school.

In order to provide an atmosphere appropriate to learning at each grade level, preschool through fourth grade students work in self-contained classrooms where teachers can continually assess class progress in all subject areas and can allocate class time where it is most needed. Departmentalized classrooms in fifth through eighth grades allow faculty to impart knowledge in each of their particular areas of expertise and prepare students to meet high school expectations.

A St. Paul’s education, however, does not simply prepare our graduates for high school. Rather, we build a foundation that allows them to thrive both in their high school studies and in their college pursuits. St. Paul’s graduates have become high school valedictorians, Illinois state scholars, recognized members of the National Honor Society, and Academic All-Americans.

Additionally, at St. Paul’s we prepare your child to excel in an ever-advancing technological age. Beginning in four-year-old preschool and continuing through eighth grade, St. Paul’s students are taught everything from basic computing skills and typing to more advanced types of word processing and creation and development of spreadsheets and presentations. Classrooms are equipped with modern technological tools such as Promethean boards and document cameras. Students in third through eighth grade may bring their own laptop or device to class, or we will provide a laptop for their use during the school day, making a 1:1 ratio for computers in these grade levels. We also provide a class set of iPads and Chromebooks in the lower grade levels, ensuring even our youngest learners are on the cutting edge of technology.