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Why We Chose St. Paul’s

We first enrolled our twins in St. Paul’s Pre-school in 2014, because we believe faith and Christian teaching should be a part of their everyday life and education. Our choice has been affirmed many times over. The St. Paul’s culture focuses on Jesus and family. Extra-curricular activities are family events, rather than just student activities. But most impressive are the St. Paul’s teachers. Tiffanie and I are continually impressed by their personal investment in the children. In every event, the teachers visibly make it “all about the children”. While we are members of a different Christian denomination, we very strongly believe in St. Paul’s. We know our children are being taught Biblical truth, while growing toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. St. Paul’s does it very well.

David and Tiffanie West

At St. Paul’s our children are not just one of a bunch, they are known. The small class size allows for quality education with attention to a child’s personal learning style. In addition, our children are surrounded by caring educators who guide them through challenges and achievements from a biblical perspective. It is this combination of academic excellence and Christian guidance that made St. Paul’s the right choice for us.

Eric and Liz Hehman